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Free choice of healthcare for expats and competitive basic premium!​​​​​​​​​​​​​

As an expat, naturally you do not want to bother too much about your health insurance. We offer a lowe health insurance premium, with a free choice of hospitals and GPs. A perfect combination! And if you require healthcare, you can use the Ditzo Health Insurance in every hospital and with every GP. You determine the care that you wish to insure, as well as the amount of your excess. You can have the Ditzo Health Insurance from € 128,95 per month with an excess of € 385!

This is why you choose the Ditzo Health Insurance:

  • Highly competitive basic insurance with a choice between 'Goede Keuze' (Good Choice) and 'Vrije Keuze' (Free Choice).
  • ‘Bad luck’ accident cover with 'Fysio & Tand'-cover: up to € 10,000 extra reimbursement after an accident.
  • The sustainable health insurer in the Netherlands.
  • Get an answer to all your questions within two hours WhatsApp (06 - 43 46 24 63).
  • Even more advantages of the Ditzo Healthcare Insurance

    Besides the lowe premium with free choice of healthcare for hospitals and GPs, there are of course many more reasons why Ditzo Health Insurance is the perfect healthcare insurance for you! Simply ask your questions and get quick answers via WhatsApp. This means not being put on hold for ages, but simply asking your question via WhatsApp!

    In addition, it is very easy to access and manage all your data via ‘Mijn Zorgverzekering’ (My Health Insurance) and claim all your healthcare bills via the Ditzo Health Care App​.

    And if you think that you are going to use up your full compulsory excess but cannot pay it all at once, Ditzo allows you to pay your compulsory excess in ten instalments. This way you pay part of your excess each month, namely € 38.50. If it turns out after the expiry of 2023 that you have incurred less than € 385 in healthcare costs, the amount paid in excess will be refunded to you in the final invoice in April 2024. Read more about payment of the excess in instalments​.